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Vidmate APP –  Fast and easily download YouTube music and HD videos

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[Latest Update Vidmate v3.45: July27th, 2018]

Name VidMate APK
Latest Version 3.45
Updated On 27th July, 2018
Size 6.79 MB
Total Downloads 500+ million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.2+
Developer Vidmate Studio

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Vidmate is simply an android app which let’s users or enable users to download or stream their favorite video, music, movie, TV Show or Series online from websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Vidmate app is a choice of millions of people out there you want to download videos and other multimedia content for free. This free video downloader app is FREE to download and can be downloaded easily with just click of a button.

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Vidmate video downloader is an amazing app developed by AliBaba Inc. They have more amazing android apps like 9Apps, UC Browser etc. Vidmate is another app by them.

In this post about latest version of Vidmate 2018 we will be explaining you in step by step manner on how you can download and install this amazing Vidmate APK on your android smartphone devices hassel free. This popular video downloading app not only allows you to download your favorite videos from top video sharing website but also offers you some amazing mind blowing and great features as well. With Vidmate for android you can choose the video quality in which you wish to download that particular video. It offers video quality like HD 1080 P and even low quality as well if you are low on your internet speed.

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Vidmate for Android is very popular app to download latest videos online in countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, to name a few. As we already know with the growing demand of android smartphone, internet videos have become a great and one of the best sources of indoor entertainment. So keeping this thing in mind Vidmate APP was created.

In addition to these amazing features, Vidmate APK APP is also very small in size and consumes very less space on your android device also. Because of it’s small size it works perfectly fine even on a low end android smart device. Vidmate offers 20 different websites and platform from where you can search and download your favorite video and music. Downloading videos from this app is also a very simple task to achieve. All you have to do is just search for any video, instantly that video from all 20 platforms will be given to you. Choose the one which you wish to download and just hit the download button. You download process will start automatically.

Another capability of Vidmate app is that it gives you very fast download speed which means even if you are on 2G your video or audio file will be downloaded within seconds.

Vidmate 2018 APP Download

Download Vidmate is the most popular app in the android market for downloading video and songs online. Download Vidmate for Android was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has attracted over 500+ million downloads. Developers of this app keep on updating this amazing app to rectify it’s bugs and increase the over all performance of the app. So this year also, the developers have launched the latest version Install Vidmate 2018. It way more faster, lighter and more user friendly user interface.

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Vidmate App Features Top Vidmate APK Features

These days, in every niche there are android apps flooded. It has become really very difficult to choose the best from a pool. So in order to help you decide which app to install on your smart phone for downloading videos and audio for free let us explore some of the cool and amazing features of Vidmate 9Apps. After going through it’s features you will be amazed.

So below mentioned are some of the key features which this app offers:

  1. Let’s you download videos in HD quality: This is one of the major feature which has made VidMate app so much popular. It let’s you search your favorite video online which just click of a button and after that allows you to choose the quality of media file in which you want to download it. With the popularity of Jio, everyone has got 4G internet. So people are looking for HD quality videos only. And this app allows you to do so. It allows you to download HD quality videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Yodesi, Dailymoon, Vine, Beak, Metacafe as well as several other international sites.
  2. Download as many videos you want. No limit: You all must have observed like when you try to download multiple movies online from the same source, those website apply some kind of download restrictions which is really annoying. But if you download movies from Vidmate app, there is no restrictions. It means that you can download an many videos and movies you like at the same time.
  3. Amazing technology to enable faster downloads: With the latest Vidmate 2018 version, this video downloader app has got some insane download technology which let’s you download movies and videos at a really high and fast speed. This is one more amazing feature which it offers to it’s users.
  4. Small in size: It is amazing to notice that an app which provides such amazing features is just about 6 MB in size. Which means that this entertainment machine will take up very less space on your phone’s storage and will still serve you with the best.
  5. Neat and friendly UI: The user interface of Install Vidmate Downloading is very neat and easy to use. Even if you are a first time user, it won’t take much of your time to understand the functionality of this app. It is very simple and easy to use.
  6. As we have already mentioned Vidmate APK is just around 6 MB in size so this app works perfectly fine on a low end android device also.
  7. This video downloader app has it’s own built in media player which means you can watch movies and videos within the app only if you do not wish to download.

Download Vidmate for Android

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Vidmate app download is a free youtube video downloader which let’s you download any Youtube for free right on your smartphone. You cannot download this app from Play Store but instead you need to download .APK file directly which later on you can install. Even after you download .APK file of the app, there are some tweaks that you have to do in your phone’s seeting in order to use the app perfectly.

Below we have mentioned the steps that you need to follow in order to download and install Vidmate app on your smartphone.

Steps to download & install Vidmate on android

Once you have downloaded VidMate APK (Android 4.0.1 or above) file from Here, do the following steps to install it-

  • On your device, go to Settings

  • Open Security Settings.

  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.

  • After that, using a file manager, look for the downloaded VidMate APK file and tap on it.
  • It will show a disclaimer, and once you have read it, tap on install. It will get installed in no time.

  • Once it gets installed, you can freely use it.

Download Vidmate APK

Download Vidmate 9Apps for iOS

Now you can download Vidmate and run on your iOS devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. It is very easy to download and use this app on your device. You cannot directly download Vidmate on your iOS device since it is not available on App Store. All you need to do for downloading this app on your IOS device is choose an APK file format. Once the application is installed on your IOS device you need to do some temporary changes so that your IOS device accept the Vidmate APK. If you want to know how to download and install Vidmate APK on your iOS device follow the steps given below 👇🏻

  • Firstly, go to web search and search official website of Vidmate apps and then hit the download button and download the app. Or you can download it from Here
  • Secondly, go to your iOS device setting and click 👇🏻
    Setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Once you are done with this step your iOS device is ready for installation of Vidmate apk app.
  • Thirdly, click on the install option and let the file install on your iOS device.
  • Lastly, Once you are done with installation of Vidmate apk app you are ready to use it on your device smoothly.

Download Vidmate for iOS

Download Vidmate for Windows Phone

Vidmate is available for windows device as well Windows device are very compatible therefore if your are window device user and want to grab Vidmate on your device you just need to follow some principle so that the app is readily available for you. Vidmate is not available on play store so to grab this app on your device all you need to do is follow some simple steps listed below 👇🏻

  1. Firstly, click on the link available on the official site of Vidmate app and start downloading.
  2. Once the downloading is completed make sure your window device is ready to accept Vidmate APK file, before you begin installation process.
  3. To make your window device ready to accept Vidmate APK file follow step by step:
  • Click on your device setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Now your window is all ready to accept Vidmate APK file.

Once you finish up setting your device to accept apk file start the installation process. Once the installation is completed you are all ready to use it on your windows device. You can start downloading videos and movies on your device and enjoy.

Download Vidmate for Windows Phone

Download Vidmate APP for PC

Vidmate is an android app that allow’s you to download movies, videos and audios. Vidmate gives you continuous entertainment on your device you can watch unlimited movies and listen music. Vidmate is mainly designed for android and iOS users but it is also available for your personal computers like macbook, windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10 etc. All you need to do is install bluestacks android emulator to install Vidmate on your personal computers. Once you install bluestacks android emulator downloading and installation process becomes easy and you can enjoy android apps on your PC it acts as a mediator.

Follow the steps given below to install Vidmate app on your PC👇🏻

  1. Firstly, install bluestacks android emulator on your personal computers from Here
  2. Once the downloading is completed start the installation process. After installation you are all set up to move to the next step.
  3. Secondly, open bluestacks android emulator, you will find lot of options on homepage but all you need to do is go to the search box and type Vidmate and hit on the search option. Once you find it start downloading and installing it on your device.
  4. After the complete process Vidmate app will appear on your desktop and you are all ready to use it and enjoy your favourite movies, videos and music.

Download Vidmate for PC

vidmate apk 2018

Download Vidmate APK for Blackberry

Vidmate is extensively build up for android and iOS users but you can download it on your blackberry device if you have version 10.2.1 or higher available on your device. You can download the Vidmate app and enjoy free and unlimited music and videos.
Here is the process how to install Vidmate on your blackberry device 👇🏻

  1. Firstly, go to web search and search official website of Vidmate apps and then hit the download button and download the app.
  2. Secondly, go to your blackberry device setting and click Setting > security > unknown sources. Once you are done with this step your blackberry device is ready for installation of Vidmate apk app.
  3. Thirdly, open Vidmate app and start installation process , you will receive a notification once the installation is completed.

Now you are all ready to use the app on your blackberry device. You can enjoy unlimited music and videos and at the same time you can enjoy its amazing features.

Download Vidmate for BlackBerry

How to download videos on Vidmate?

Vidmate app is also about downloading videos. The download process of this video downloader app is very simple and easy. Just follow the below mentioned steps:
vidmate app download

  1. Open the app on your device.
  2. When the app will open, on the top you will see a search bar. And below it, videos which are currently trending will be listed.
  3. Now, on the search bar which is present on the top, enter the name of video or movie which you want to download and hit enter.
  4. After you hit the search button, all the videos matching to your keyword will show up.
  5. Now click on the video title which you want to download.
  6. Now select the quality of video in which you want to download it.
  7. After selecting the quality of the video, click on the download button present next to it.
  8. Your video will be downloaded instantly.

How to speed up the downloading process in Vidmate?

It is possible to increase the download speed with just one click of a button. Below we have mentioned the required steps following which you can increase the download speed upto 3 folds while downloading movies and videos from the Vidmate app. Please keep in mind, the actual speed depends upon your internet connection. This trick only helps you to fully utilise your internet speed. If you are using a slow speed internet, this trick might not work for you.

1.)  Open the Vidmate apk and navigate to the “Me” section.

vidmate app

2.) Tap on the “Settings” option. (the first option.)

3.) Navigate to the “Download setting” page.

4.) Once you are on Download Setting page, scroll down and find fast download mode and turn it on.

5.) Set the fast download mode to 4. Now your download speed will be comparatively higher.

How to view downloading status of videos in Vidmate App

In order to check the downloading status of your videos and movies of Vidmate video downloader, you can directly check the status on the notification bar of your android device.

If you want to check or view the status within the Vidmate app itself, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • If you have any active download, you can check it’s status on top right corner of Vidmate APK.
  • Tap on that icon, your status of download will be displayed.
  • If you wish to delete the video, then simply tick the video and click on delete video option in Vidmate app.

How to view and download memes on Vidmate app?

Vidmate APK not only offers videos, movies, TV Shows but it also offers a large collection of memes and jokes in form of images and GIFs. This newly launched feature is very easy to use.

Note: In order to view jokes and memes on Vidmate Download for Android, firstly you need to set your location to India or south-east Asia. So in order to change your location open Vidmate app on your android smartphone and at the bottom of the app you will see three tabs namely – Home, Videos, Me. Click on ME tab; Here you will see Content Location on top, click on it and you will see various regions and countries displayed. On this section choose India and south-east Asia as your location and restart the app. Just restart the app and you are ready to see the memes and jokes.

In order to view and download memes and jokes on Vidmate APK, just follow the simple steps described below:

  1. After you have restarted the app, on the top you will see three tabs- Home, Videos, Me. When you will swipe more, some more tabs will show up. In those new tabs, you will find a tab named Memes. Click on it.
  2. It will take some time to load the images. Vidmate gives you the option to view most popular memes, latest memes and you can even download them.
  3. In order to download any meme on your android device from Vidmate just tap on the down sign (⇓) on the bottom-right side of the meme.

Vidmate offers a feature using which you can create or generate your own memes and be popular among the Vidmate community.

Download Youtube Videos from Vidmate app (Video tutorial)

Frequently Asked Questions about VidMate APK

vidmate faq

1.) Is VidMate app free to use?

Yes, VidMate is an absolutely free to use third party app. It comes on a number of operating systems and for a variety of devices. All you have to do is to download and install it on your device, after that you will be able to download stuff from it for absolutely free. It includes – videos, movies, television shows/series, web series, apps and games.

2.) Is Vidmate APK available on Apple devices (iPhone, iPod and Mac)

No, right now Vidmate is only available on Apple devices. But there are news that it will be available soon. Maybe later this year.

3.) Is Vidmate APK available on Google’s Play Store?

No, Vidmate APP is not up for download via Google’s Play. A user need to download it from a 3rd party trusted source. Like ours!

4.) How to download videos using Vidmate app?

The process for download videos on Vidmate is easy, compared to any other video downloader app available on android platform. All you have to do is, search for the video on the search bar, and click on search. Vidmate app is get you all the results. Choose the one which you wish to download and click on the download button which is present just below the title of the video.

5.) How to update to the latest version of Vidmate apk?

In order to update the app, all you have to do is download the latest .apk of the app and install it. It will get updated when you install the fresh version of it.

6.) Is VidMate app safe to use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use since there are no viruses in Vidmate Download. This app also does not interfere with any personal information and thus, it a highly secure app to use. Downloading movies and shows online from other apps may bring viruses, but Vidmate makes sure that the download website is free from harmful items and only then does it proceed with the download process. Also, there are so many levels of security involved in this app. Downloading apps, games and videos becomes very easy with this wonderful app.

7.) Where do the downloaded videos get saved in Vidmate video downloader?

All the videos that will be downloaded using the VidMate app, will get saved on a specific location in the VidMate folder. Also, you have the full privilege to change that location to some other custom folder of your choice. That downloaded video can either be played using an external video player or with the help of the embedded video player.

8.) How to delete a downloaded video in Vidmate app?

Deleting a video is similar to deleting any other item on a smartphone or tablet. You can either delete it from the video gallery or you can also delete it from the app itself. Although, you can also delete the download history (or both, history and video) from the app.

9.) How to find a video in VidMate?

There are many steps to finding a video using this app. You can either copy and paste a video link to the URL tab or can manually search for the video. Search can be performed using the search bar that works just like a search engine. You can also use the internal (in-app) browser in order to open video streaming websites easily. There are so many video quality options available as well.

10.) Does Vidmate app work on a slow internet connection?

Absolutely! Vidmate app does not require a blazing fast internet connection in order to run or to download videos online. All you need is a well to do internet connection with a decent amount of download speed and you are good to go. Videos download in the background so it does not interfere with your work.

11.) Do the videos get saved in the internal memory or the external memory?

That solely depends on your device. In many Android devices, videos get saved internally, while in some it gets saved externally. Whereas, for iOS devices, since there is no external storage, all the videos get saved internally.

vidmate app


Vidmate app Alternatives

  • SnapTube

Snaptube is also one of the android apps which let’s you download movies and videos from the internet. This app is also quite similar to Vidmate APK. Almost all features are same in both the video downloader apps. The only difference is of performance. Snaptube lacks a bit in performance and download speed. Snaptube also has a very diverse range of content just like Vidmate.

  • Tubemate

Tubemate is a very popular android app for downloading Youtube videos for free. The only difference bewteen Vidmate APK and Tubemate is that, Tubemate is mainly focused on downloading videos from Youtube. Recently they have also included a feature which let’s you download Facebook videos also.

  • OGYoutube

OGYoutube is a new comer in the list of android apps used to download videos from the internet. OGYoutube is basically meant for download videos and songs from Youtube specifically, as the name suggests. It also supports other platforms also from where you cam can download videos online. If you mainly want to download videos from youtube then OGYoutube is the best android app right now in the market.

  • PlayTube

Developed by MusixTube, PlayTube is an android app which let’s you search for your favorite artist, songs, videos and download all of content for free in different file formats. PlayTube is also know as Free Youtube Player. You can use Youtube app within PlayTube only and directly download the videos your like from there.

What’s new in Vidmate 2018?

Version – 3.45

– Crashing error fixed.

– 0 data cost feature added.

Previous Versions of Vidmate

Version 3.41-

  1. New redesigned Video Player and major bug fixes (crash while playing HD videos is now fixed.)
  2. Overall Vidmate app’s stability has been improved also.

Version 3.38 –

  1. Improved User Interface (UI)
  2. Better video downloading (increased speed.)
  3. Major bug fixe. (Random crash + auto download cancellation issues.)

Version 3.34

  1. New video player for better viewing experience.
  2. New features added in music player.

Version 3.33

  1. Play MP4 files directly within the app.
  2. Improved download speed.

Version 3.31

  1. Watch videos online for free.
  2. Fix major bugs. Most important one was crash bug.

Vidmate 3.45 [Latest Version] Download

download vidmate app

Vidmate app is best android app for downloading movies and videos. It is neat small in size and provides insanely fast downloading speed. This app offers content on multiple genres. Vidmate APK is an highly recommend app if you are a movie lover. Download Vidmate Now!

Download Vidmate

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