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Size:5.56 MB

Requires:Android 2.2.x Or Higher



SHAREit App About-

SHAREit Download is an alternative to Bluetooth and NFC, and is a popular file sharing app. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. SHAREit APK was launched on Android around ten years ago. At the time of its release, SHAREit app was not known by many but today it is the most popular file sharing app out there. Apps like SHAREit and Xender have made the file sharing on smartphones and tablets very easy and people love them. It is due to its stability, speed and reliability that people love to use this app. There are over a hundred great features of SHAREit App that make it the best Android file sharing app out there. Download SHAREit APK for Android and experience it for yourself.

SHAREit Download is a great app that uses Wi-Fi Direct technology in order to send and receive files. These files can be in any format, i.e. images, videos, documents and audio files can be shared quite easily with SHAREit app. There is also no limit to the number of files or the type of files that can be shared with this app. Talking about features, this app easily steals the show from every other file sharing app. Download SHAREit app online today and start sharing movies, videos, important files and much more. It is a very small sized app that runs flawlessly on every Android and iOS device.

Download SHAREit App – Fastest File Sharing App

It uses Wi-Fi Direct technology as a medium to transfer files. It is way faster than the conventional Bluetooth and NFC that most of the devices today use. More importantly, SHAREit app is a light app that is very easy on the hardware (and the battery life). SHAREit APK uses Wi-Fi Direct that is very fast. It can easily reach up to speeds of 300 Mbps and the connection is strong, secure and reliable. Bluetooth, on the other hand can only reach of merely 20 Mbps (as seen on Apple to Apple devices). Moreover, SHAREit App knows no boundaries of operating systems, which means that it works across every popular platform. Cross-file sharing is possible with SHAREit app. Download SHAREit app online and try it out yourself.

Connections that are set up with Bluetooth are prone to disconnection. The normal range of Bluetooth is up to 10 meters (ideally). The connectivity also ceases when both the devices are taken apart. This is not the case with SHAREit app, though. Since SHAREit uses Wi-Fi Direct, the connectivity or speed does not depend upon distance. Moreover, Wi-Fi Direct works at a range up to 20-25 meters. It is almost twice the distance that Bluetooth or NFC covers. Download SHAREit app online and start transferring files online (for free).

SHAREit Download App for Android is more reliable and better than Bluetooth-

It is absolutely true and the stats justify this. Since SHAREit app was released, it has seen a drastic rise in the number of downloads as well as the number of users. Today, a lot of people use smartphones and tablets and files are shared on a daily basis. SHAREit app is used way more often than Bluetooth since it is faster and safer. SHAREit has been downloaded more than 200 million times and a lot of people use it daily (3 million approx.). The SHAREit app establishes a very secure connection between the sender and the receiver. Due to this, file sharing is safer, faster and the connectivity is strong. It is approximately 20 times faster than Bluetooth. A lot of devices face a connectivity problem with Bluetooth but SHAREit gets easily connected. Download SHAREit online on your device today (for free).

It even helps you to perform a quick backup of your device. That is, you can transfer all your files via SHAREit from one device to another device. This feature comes in really handy when changing devices. Also, Shraeit scans devices that are connected and suggests apps to users. There is also an audio and video player included in this app. Thus, you do not have to download any external media player to watch movies, listen to music or anything else. Moreover, SHAREit is very fast and responsive. It is also light on the battery and hardware. Download SHAREit app online and start sharing files for free.

SHAREit Download is full of Features – Download SHAREit App Online

It is entirely different from conventional file sharing apps out there. Not only does it double up as a media player, users can also download videos with it. Moreover, it is quite light and due to this it does not lag. Here are some features of SHAREit App-

  • It uses Wi-Fi Direct in order to share files. Wi-Fi Direct is almost ten times faster than Bluetooth and it is also a lot more secure. The connectivity is stronger up to a longer distance (around 25 meters). The connection on SHAREit app also does not break easily and thus, you can enjoy a hassle-free file sending/receiving experience.
  • Users can share any type of file they wish to share. There is also no limitation to the quantity of files that can be shared with SHAREit. Users can share as many files as they like with this app. Unlike Bluetooth, that can share only photo, videos and documents, SHAREit can share hundreds of file types.
  • A 20 MB file can take up to a minute in case of Bluetooth, but it hardly takes a second or two in SHAREit. This is how fast file sharing with the SHAREit app is. Download SHAREit app online and experience blazing fast file sharing.
  • This app does not use any mobile data. Yes, SHAREit does not require an internet connection when it comes to sharing files. It establishes a connection of its own via Wi-Fi Direct and then only the file transfer takes place.
  • It also runs smoothly on every device and performing backups with it is also easy. It is light on the battery, full of features and even it does not heat up the processor. Download SHAREit app online for free.
  • Nowadays, the SHAREit app also comes with an ultra-speed mode. This mode makes the file sharing almost twice of what is usually is. That is, once this mode has been selected, files can be transferred/received at speeds up to 400 Mbps. It is the fastest wireless file sharing app out there. Download it today and experience it for free.

SHAREit APK for Android – Download SHAREit APK Online

This app was first released on Android and after its huge success, it was released on iOS and Windows. Android devices have been one of the very first to use Wi-Fi Direct. SHAREit APK is regarded as the fastest and the safest method of wirelessly sharing files across the Android ecosystem. It is free from bloatwares and the interface is quite user-friendly. SHAREit APK can also be used across different platforms. This comes in real handy if someone wishes to share files from Android to iOS and vice versa. Bluetooth does not work between Android and iOS (and vice versa). SHAREit APK breaks this curse and now, file sharing is possible between the two operating systems. Download Sharit APK online for Android today (for free).

There are over a hundred million Android users who use SHAREit APK for file sharing. Since it is free from bloatwares and other isssues, SHAREit APK runs very smoothly. There are no lags or anything that it faces. SHAREit APK works nicely on every device. Download SHAREit APK online for your Android smartphone and tablet. You can share thousands of files with this app for free. All it requires is a Wi-Fi Direct connection (that it sets up automatically) and files are ready to be shared. Using SHAREit APK is as easy as ABC and it also works fine on every Android device. The developers promise for their customer support and regular updates for long. Download the APK file on your Android devices today.

Installing SHAREit APK on Android-

  • Download SHAREit APK file online. It will be saved in the Root/Internal Storage/Downloads folder.
  • After that put your device on Airplane Mode.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings > Tap on Enable Installation form Unknown Sources. This enables mock location installation (side-loading).
  • Find the downloaded APK file and open it. Tap on Install and the installation will commence.
  • After that turn off the Airplane Mode and you are good to go.

SHAREit App for iOS – Download SHAREit App Online

SHAREit app is also available for iOS device (iPhone and iPad). It is safe and reliable to use and free from viruses. The installation file (SHAREit app IPA) is very light and small in size. Due to this, it gets downloaded and installed very easily. Wi-Fi Direct works very well even on iOS devices and it is one of the reasons why SHAREit Download app runs smoothly (and without lags). There is no limit to the number of files that can be sent or received with the SHAREit app Download. The connection is strong, the files can be shared easily without issues, and much more. Also, this app works well across different systems and platform. Download SHAREit app online for your iOS devices today (for free).

Just like the Android version of this app, SHAREit app for iOS also has an embedded media player. It uses a high security WPA2 type wireless connection which is the safest out there. There are no methods of tracking or cracking this connection, hence it is absolutely safe to use. Around 100 million iOS users use the SHAREit app. It is light, fast, safe and an extremely reliable file sharing app It can attain around 300-400 Mbps of transfer speeds very easily. You can perform device backups with it. File sharing is almost lossless with this app. There is also a media player as well as an online video player embedded in SHAREit apk.

Installing SHAREit on iOS-

  • Download the SHAREit IPA file online.
  • Put your iOS device on Airplane Mode.
  • Go to Settings > General Settings > Date and Time Settings.
  • Change the date to 1st April, 2015.
  • After that find the downloaded SHAREit app IPA file and install it.
  • Once it gets installed, change your date back to the current date (by repeating Step – 3).
  • Turn off Airplane Mode and enjoy using SHAREit app.

SHAREit App for Windows – SHAREit App Interface

Windows devices too have the honour of using SHAREit app. The files comes in as an .EXE file as well as the users can use it with an Android emulator (SHAREit APK file). SHAREit app for Windows is just like the app on Android and iOS. The transfer speed is high and the connection channel that it uses is highly secure. There are no viruses in this app and that makes it a wonderful alternative to other popular file sharing apps. Download SHAREit app for Windows and start sending and receiving files wirelessly. Wireless file sharing has always been an issue. Bluetooth is very slow and large files cannot be shared with it. To counter that, the SHAREit app can transfer large files very easily. It has an easy to understand interface that is bloatware free. It boasts of the iconic sky-blue icon along with similarly coloured in-app highlights.

On the main-screen, there are three options of local file transfer, sending files and receiving files. All of them work great and smoothly. In the Discovery menu, you can watch (and download) all the trending videos for free. With the introduction to the coin system, the SHAREit app has earned a lot of popularity. There is history option for the connections made and files shared. With SHAREit Download Premium, users can enjoy an ad-free experience that is great. It even comes with a download Center from where files can be downloaded (music, movies and photos). There is an option from where users can download some similar apps like – CLONEit, CLEANit and much more. File sharing is fast with the SHAREit app. PCs and laptops can be connected easily as well. Download SHAREit app for Windows to find out more.

SHAREit Download APK / App Here

UC Browser APK | Download UC Browser for Android Free High Speed!

UC Browser Download

Why is UC browser better than any other Internet browser?

There are thousands of Internet browsers available on the Application market with slow processing speed and plain user interface makes your user experience worst with continuous lags while opening any webpage, UC browser is surely not one of them since it offers 10+ amazing features which no other browser can offer you. By default UC Browser Android supports 7 different languages and many Indian regional languages, It makes UC Browser APK an ideal app for the users who has a language problem. They can use the application in their own language to access the internet.

UC Browser Download by Chinese internet company UC Web is a leading internet browser around the globe with almost 400Million daily users across more than 140 countries and regions, UC browser is the top used mobile internet browser in India with a market share of 49% according to the survey done by StarCounter as of 2017. There is this one thing which we all despise, its pop-up advertisement on our mobile phones, these Ads are irritating and annoying and interrupt in everything we are doing and forces us to close them manually since our internet browser is not smart enough but UC browser puts an end to it with its smart AD block feature it blocks almost any AD and annoying pop-up from the web page. UC browser has integrated download manager that is quite advance than your default download manager with it you can download more than 6 files at same time and thus you really don’t have to wait for one file to get downloaded completely so that you can start another download. The UC download app manager also notifies you about the space left on your device and you can also select the path where you want the file to get downloaded. UC browser is available on a number of a platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java, Microsoft Windows and Smartphone with windows operating system.

Latest Features that UC browser APK offers you

  1. In-App widget card: The UC browser allows the user to access content on the home page in a new customisable way with the feature know as cards. basically, the browser has the ability to a widget on the users home screen, you can customize them manually and can choose the ones you like the most hence it will provide preference to that website over any other website with similar content. There is a wide range of cards to choose from such as headlines, jokes, top sites, to videos, shopping, and lot more.
  2. Cloud boost Technology: The cloud boost technology of UC provide much faster web page loading as compared to normal internet browser long story short it uses all of your internets at a particular instance to load any webpage. It is a very useful feature if you are like one of us who spends almost 12+ hrs of the day on the internet you know how much internet speed matter to a person.
  1. Download manager: As stated above the download manager of UC browser is one of its kind because it provides facilities such as enabling the user to select the path for download, multiple file download at the same time, Auto reconnect in case of file download fails.
  2. Customization: The user can customize the UC browser download home page as per his need, the browsers have a massive library of theme that provides a wide range of options to the user, You can even change the background and text color separately, You can also make any custom theme by using any of photo from your device.
  3. Adblocker and Night mode : UC browser apk for android blocks all those annoying and irritating Ads for you and with the amazing night mode feature you access all of the internet content from your device without even disturbing the person sleeping next to you, the dim light technology used in the application doesn’t have any harmful effect on your eyesight.

How to download UC browser on Android or iOS?

The UC browser Download for Android is a verified application of both the application market i.e. (Google play store and App store for iOS) you can download it easily it from there

  1. Open Application market on your device for Android users it is Google play store and for iOS, it is the app store.
  2. Search for UC browser in the search bar.
  3. Click on the install button the application will start downloading.
  4. Enjoy an incredibly amazing, High-speed internet browser.

With all these enormous features UC browser apk is one of its kind. It even provides the facility to use multiple tabs at the same time without any lag or slowing down your device, jokes, Live cricket score, wallpaper, music, daily blogs, News and lot more are some add ups with the application. You can even download UC Mini which is as a\same as UC browser but is lesser in size You can read about it in our blog about UC mini.

There are plenty of applications that UC browser offers you no other internet browser in the segment can offer such applications hence we highly recommend you to try out UC browser now.

Download UC Browser APK


Vidmate App | Download Vidmate for Android Latest Version!

Vidmate HD Video Downloader

vidmate app

Vidmate App online is the most popular application for downloading movies, songs and streaming them online. Vidmate is one of the well know and ideally recognized application worldwide for streaming and downloading all forms of multimedia articles such as songs, movies, pictures, or TV shows and lot more. You can also watch live TV, This sensational application covers movie, music, vogue, information, leisure, athletics, and many other diverse channels. You can even download your favorite YouTube videos or videos from another website for completely free.

Vidmate video downloader app is available for Android as well as iOS devices and it is compatible with all the versions of both the platform making it unique. Vidmate online is available for Vidmate PC, Vidmate windows, Vidmate Mac with such wide approach it becomes a smart alternative to most of the video streaming apps in the market. Vidmate video downloader app also provides you the feature of downloading multimedia articles in your device in all the formats whether it be  MP3, MP4, AAC, OGA for audio too.MPV, MPG, MP4 for video. Besides all these exciting features it also provides you the facility to choose the video resolution making the Vidmate HD video downloader app invincible. With more than 50,00,000+ download and a rating of 4/5, this 5mb classic application is a technological boom.

vidmate download

Vidmate APK video download working sites we tested vidmate on most popular multimedia streaming applications and found out it works extremely well. Below we have mentioned few of them







7.Daily movies


9.Metacafe movies

Note: There are many more such multimedia platforms with which Vidmate video downloader app works perfectly.

Vidmate Feature

  1. with this application you’ll be able to download or play any multimedia article such as movies, TV shows, songs and lot more.
  2. Easy navigation and multiple language support makes it is user-friendly
  3. supports a large variety of file format.
  4. Free of cost,  Vidmate HD video downloader doesn’t charger any cost from the user for services.
  5. Multiple downloading facilities permits a user to download multiple files same time.
  6. Play songs as per your mood from top rated Hollywood or Bollywood music to your favorite regional or devotional song.
  7. Highly secured error-free and bug-free application.
  8. There is no need to create an account to use the application just install it and use it.

Vidmate Movies app download ANDROID:

  1. Open the internet browser on your device and search for Vidmate download the app from any of link.
  2. You can also use 9apps if you want older versions and not the latest version of the app.
  3. Go to Settings>Security and under device administration  turn-on Unknown sources

(The following step can be skipped f you have already turned it on)   

  1. After installation, the Vidmate app is ready to use on your device.

Vidmate Movies app Download iOS:

  1. In order to get Vidmate on your device you need to connect it with the internet.
  2. Open safari and search Vidmate there you will get a link to download the application for iOS.
  3. Tab and install the application on your device.
  4. since this app is not available on App Store you need to authorize it manually by selecting the “TRUST” on the prompt.
  5. The application will restart and now you are all set to use the vidmate on your device.

Remember those good old days when we used to have hundreds of amazing videos on our Smartphone for all our entrainment needs relive those moments with Vidmate mobile application, Since it provides such  astounding speed it becomes almost impossible for another video downloading application to create a completion for Vidmate HD downloader, Not to forget other dynamic features of the app it is one small package with big functionalities for all your multimedia needs, Hence we advise our readers to try out Vidmate.

9Apps | Download & Install 9Apps APK App Store for Android!

9Apps app store

Everything you should know about 9apps

A lot of us know 9Apps as a third party app downloading portal It was launched back in 2013 December and today it is next biggest alternative to Google Play Store. More than 250 million+ users use 9 apps on daily basis. 9 Apps is not just any third-party medium to download applications but it also offers you unlimited free content like Ringtone, Music, Wallpaper, Videos, and Games. with 9Apps APK provides you the facility to download any files free of cost, moreover you don’t require to create an account or log in to download your favorite application.

The latest version of this app is specially designed and programmed for Smartphone users thus it offers you more features than any other application market. 9 Apps has over 10 million applications that can be downloaded instantly from their store. The applications in this app store are divided into various categories such as popular, most popular, most downloaded, new etc.

9Apps isn’t just a third-party marketplace. You get a lot of other benefits with 9 Apps such as Fun Zone, Product comparisons, Coupon zone and lot more. The user can easily find any genre of application from the large variety offered by 9 Apps. With the fun zone of 9apps, you get easy access to a vast library of songs including top Bollywood numbers, Just like songs you can also watch videos, movies or  TV shows. The users of Quora has verified this app store as 100% safe to download an application and has received a total rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Features of 9Apps

From the wide range of feature offered by 9apps the most influential ones are:

  1. User-friendly UI: The User interface of the application is communicative and navigates the user at every instance.
  2. Virus and malware protection: You can rely on 9Apps for the virus-free content. An application has to go through several levels of security checks before it is uploaded on 9Apps.

3.HD content: 9Apps don’t compromise with the quality of content whether it be Movies, games, stickers, Ringtone or wallpaper. 9Apps provided the best quality to its users. the multimedia content of 9 Apps Download come in 3 different sizes i.e. High, medium and low and the user can select it as per his preference manually.

  1. Requires less storage space: Despite providing such specifications 9Apps requires a storage space of less than 3mb on your smartphone. long story short it offers more applications in comparatively less storage space.
  2. Multiple language support: The 9 Apps app UI supports almost 14 different languages. People with language issues can rely on 9Apps for all of their application needs.
  3. Multiple versions download: 9 Apps app provides a feature which no other third-party application market offers, yes with 9Apps you can even download the previous versions of any application at no extra cost. Even Google play removes the older versions with new updates but 9Apps provide you the facility to choose between older and latest versions.
  4. With 9Apps you can download multiple applications at same time. Like other application markets, you don’t have to wait for one file to get downloaded first and then the other. Several files can be downloaded at the same time with high speed.

How to download and install 9Apps

Open your Browser and search for 9 Apps

step 2:- Download the apk from there (make sure you download the latest version of the app )

step 3:- Go to Settings>Security Now under device administration turn on Unknown sources

 (You can skip the step 3 if the permissions are already granted)

step 5:- Now that you are done with everything enjoy all the top rated paid apps for Free from 9Apps APK.