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Why is UC browser better than any other Internet browser?

There are thousands of Internet browsers available on the Application market with slow processing speed and plain user interface makes your user experience worst with continuous lags while opening any webpage, UC browser is surely not one of them since it offers 10+ amazing features which no other browser can offer you. By default UC Browser Android supports 7 different languages and many Indian regional languages, It makes UC Browser APK an ideal app for the users who has a language problem. They can use the application in their own language to access the internet.

UC Browser Download by Chinese internet company UC Web is a leading internet browser around the globe with almost 400Million daily users across more than 140 countries and regions, UC browser is the top used mobile internet browser in India with a market share of 49% according to the survey done by StarCounter as of 2017. There is this one thing which we all despise, its pop-up advertisement on our mobile phones, these Ads are irritating and annoying and interrupt in everything we are doing and forces us to close them manually since our internet browser is not smart enough but UC browser puts an end to it with its smart AD block feature it blocks almost any AD and annoying pop-up from the web page. UC browser has integrated download manager that is quite advance than your default download manager with it you can download more than 6 files at same time and thus you really don’t have to wait for one file to get downloaded completely so that you can start another download. The UC download app manager also notifies you about the space left on your device and you can also select the path where you want the file to get downloaded. UC browser is available on a number of a platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java, Microsoft Windows and Smartphone with windows operating system.

Latest Features that UC browser APK offers you

  1. In-App widget card: The UC browser allows the user to access content on the home page in a new customisable way with the feature know as cards. basically, the browser has the ability to a widget on the users home screen, you can customize them manually and can choose the ones you like the most hence it will provide preference to that website over any other website with similar content. There is a wide range of cards to choose from such as headlines, jokes, top sites, to videos, shopping, and lot more.
  2. Cloud boost Technology: The cloud boost technology of UC provide much faster web page loading as compared to normal internet browser long story short it uses all of your internets at a particular instance to load any webpage. It is a very useful feature if you are like one of us who spends almost 12+ hrs of the day on the internet you know how much internet speed matter to a person.
  1. Download manager: As stated above the download manager of UC browser is one of its kind because it provides facilities such as enabling the user to select the path for download, multiple file download at the same time, Auto reconnect in case of file download fails.
  2. Customization: The user can customize the UC browser download home page as per his need, the browsers have a massive library of theme that provides a wide range of options to the user, You can even change the background and text color separately, You can also make any custom theme by using any of photo from your device.
  3. Adblocker and Night mode : UC browser apk for android blocks all those annoying and irritating Ads for you and with the amazing night mode feature you access all of the internet content from your device without even disturbing the person sleeping next to you, the dim light technology used in the application doesn’t have any harmful effect on your eyesight.

How to download UC browser on Android or iOS?

The UC browser Download for Android is a verified application of both the application market i.e. (Google play store and App store for iOS) you can download it easily it from there

  1. Open Application market on your device for Android users it is Google play store and for iOS, it is the app store.
  2. Search for UC browser in the search bar.
  3. Click on the install button the application will start downloading.
  4. Enjoy an incredibly amazing, High-speed internet browser.

With all these enormous features UC browser apk is one of its kind. It even provides the facility to use multiple tabs at the same time without any lag or slowing down your device, jokes, Live cricket score, wallpaper, music, daily blogs, News and lot more are some add ups with the application. You can even download UC Mini which is as a\same as UC browser but is lesser in size You can read about it in our blog about UC mini.

There are plenty of applications that UC browser offers you no other internet browser in the segment can offer such applications hence we highly recommend you to try out UC browser now.

Download UC Browser APK

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